Connecticut Bike For Hope


9/17/2017 at Shelton Veterans Park

The fourth annual CT Bike For Hope ride has been set for 9/17/2017. The ride will start and finish at the Shelton Veterans Memorial Park in Downtown Shelton.

Proceeds from the Ride will benefit Moving With Health Oriented Physical Education, Inc. (dba, MovingWithHOPE, a Shelton-based 501(c)3 non-profit that provides activity based restorative therapy grants and adaptive equipment for those survivors of brain and spinal cord injuries and diseases.

MovingWithHOPE provides year round access to movement sciences, activity based therapies, recreation and social services that enable and empower survivors of brain and spinal injury and diseases to remain at home and an integral part of their community.

One of our superstars, Everett M. is pictured above on the far right. Everett faithfully comes 2 days a week for 2-3 hours each visit. He uses Functional Electrical Bike Stimulation for 45 minutes, Body weight supported treadmill training and Redcord suspension training (shown above as he increases his transfer skills). He has had dramatic improvement in upper body strength, his vascular doctor is amazed at his lower extremity health and has begun to have feeling in his feet (not bad for having a complete T-6 spinal cord injury). Everett also works full time!

MovingWithHOPE is a leading provider in CT for the activity based restorative therapies or ABRT. ABRT is an essential component to facilitate physical recovery for people with neurodegenerative diseases like MS, acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s, and spinal stenosis. Our charity provides three essential services that are not available anywhere else in CT or elsewhere at a price point that is made affordable enough for the required year round access to achieve an optimal recovery solution.

We accept year-round donations using the GENERAL DONATION box in the upper left hand corner of the website. Check out our videos below showing a new client during body weight supported treadmill training and over ground training and assessment. She is making amazing progress in just a few short weeks.